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The Secret Island

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The secret island

The secret island is not a real island. It is the one that we all have inside us. It’s the people that we have lost. The loves that were never fulfilled.

The moments that we need to keep forever in our memory. The secret island is our hearts, our minds and we all have one.

This secret island has crystal clear waters that hide shells, corals and lion’s mane jellyfish. High green mountains with rare flowers, and one ginkgo tree that is the lungs of the island.


The Ginkgo leaves are unique as they are fan-shaped and split in the middle, forming the shape of the lungs of the island.

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Lions Mane Jellyfish

Lion’s mane jellyfish is known for its painful sting.

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In the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, lies an underwater colourful paradise full of red corals and mermaids.

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Green Mountains

Amidst lush vegetation, you will always find beautiful , picturesque
villages with an endless view of the sea.

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The most precious pearls are spontaneously formed in nature inside shells.

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Blue Bell Flower

A rare flower characterised by curled petals that have intricate patterns.

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